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Friday 4th November 2016
8.30 Welcome address on behalf of the Scientific Committee
8.40 SIRT - a new era begins R.Ciani
Session 1: SIRT in mCRC MDT
Chairmen: E.Cortesi, V. Heinemann
9.00 The importance of the liver C.J. Bruns
9.10 SIRFLOX overview P. Gibbs
9.25 SIRFLOX sub-group analyses V.Heinemann
9.35 Integration of SIRT into mCRC continuum of care G.Masi
9.50 Evidence for SIRT & Surgery J.Kalff
10.05 Personalisation of SIRT activity calculation in mCRC C. la Faugère
10.20 Panel Discussion Panelists: C.J.Burns, E. Cortesi, P. Gibbs, V. Heinemann, J. Kalff, C. la Faugère, G. Masi
10.50 Mid-morning break
Panel discussion: SIRT in mCRC MDT
11.10 mCRC case study presentation with interactive voting system and MDT panel discussion
  • SIRT for downsizing to resection M.R.Schon
  • SIRT for 2nd line in combination with FOLFIRI R.A.Sharma
  • SIRT for 1st line/consolidation M. Peeters

MDT panel discussion
Panelists: P. Boardman, C.J.Bruns, E. Cortesi, P. Gibbs, V.Heinemann, J. Kalff, C. la Faugère, G. Masi, M. Peeters, M.R. Schon, R.A. Scharma
12.10 Summary and conclusions E.Cortesi, V. Heninemann
12.30 Buffet lunch
Session 2: SIRT in HCC MDT
Chairmen: G. M. Ettorre, B. Sangro
13.30 The evidence for SIRT in HCC C. Verslype
13.45 Evidence for SIRT & Surgery in HCC F. Pardo
13.55 HCC trials update: SARAH/SIRveNIB/SORAMIC V. Vilgrain
14.10 SIRT activity calculation in HCC M.M. Rodriguez Fraile
14.25 Integration of SIRT into management of HCC B. Sangro
Panel discussion: SIRT in HCC MDT
14.40 HCC case study presentation with interacitve voting system and MDT panel discussion
  • SIRT as an alternative to TACE in BCLC B patients D. Palmer
  • SIRT as an alternative to sorafenib in PVT R. Golfieri
  • SIRT as a bridge to transplantation G.M.Ettorre

MDT panel discussion Panelists: G. M. Ettorre, R. Golfieri, D. Palmer, F. Pardo, M.M. Rodriguez Fraile, B. Sangro, C. Verslype, V. Vilgrain
16.15 Afternoon break
Session 3: SIRT and imaging
Chairmen: T. Helmberger, J. Ricke
16.35 State of the art - SIRT and imaging J.I. Bilbao
16.50 PET-CT - what is the added value? C. la Faugère
17.05 Pre-SIRT vs Post-SIRT imaging B. Gebauer
17.20 Challenges of assessing response to SIRT P. Flamen
17.35 Panel Discussion
Panelists: J.I.Bilbao, P.Flamen, B.Gebauer, T. Helmberger, C. la Faugère, J. Ricke
18.00 Conclusion of the first Symposium day
Saturday 5th November 2016
Session 4: SIRT for other tumours
R. Cianni, H. Wasan
8.45 Neuroendocrine tumour liver metastases N.G.Shafer
9.00 Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma J Bruix
9.10 Breast cancer liver metastases R. Cianni
9.20 Uveal melanoma liver metastases C. A. Peuker
9.30 Panel Discussion
Panelists: J. Bruix, R. Cianni, C. A. Peuker, N. G. Schafer, H. Watson
9.55 Mid-morning break
Session 5: The future for SIRT - invited abstract presentations
Chairmen: R.T. Hoffmann, R. Sciuto
10.25 Increased absorbed liver dose in Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) correlates with increased sphere-cluster frequency and absorbed dose inhomogeneity J. Hogberg
10.40 A branching artery tree model in concordance with microscopy observations of microsphere distribution in liver following radioembolisation J. Hogberg
10.55 Computational Models as a tool to improve SIRT precedures J. I. Bilbao
11.10 Animal models to understand the biological effects of SIRT M. Inarrairaegui Bastarrica
11.25 Yttrium-90 radioembolisation for colorectal cancer liver metastases: Circulating angiogenic factors and treatment response C.E.N.M. Rosenbaum
11.40 Panel Discussion
Panelists: J.I.Bilbao, R.T. Hoffmann, J.Hogberg, M. Inarrairaegui Bastarrica, C.E.N.M. Rosenbaum, R. Sciuto
Session 6: Optimisation of SIRT
Chairmen: R. Cianni, V. Heinemann
12.00 Patient selection criteria for SIRT K. Gutberlet
12.10 Preventing adverse events P. Boardaman
12.20 Optimising SIRT logistics P.M. Paprottka
12.30 Panel Discussion
Panelists: P. Boardman, R. Cianni, K. Gutberlet, V. Heinemann, P.M. Paprottka
Session 7: The summary
12.50 Take home messages
  • mCRC V. Heineman
  • HCC B. Sangro
  • SIRT and imaging T. Helmberger
  • Other tumours H. Wasan
13.10 Forward thinking E. Cortesi
13.20 Final remarks